מידד מייצגת את חברת SVK-בלגיה שהינה יצרנית לוחות פייברצמנט לחיפוי חוץ וגגות פייברצמנט עם וותק של למעלה מ-100 שנה SVK has been active on the international construction market since 1905 with its range of fibre cement façade panels, facing bricks, slates, corrugated sheets and architectonic concrete. By continually responding to the needs of the market, the company has grown to become a flexible long-term partner for construction professionals that specialize in residential as well as non-residential construction.

JIG has an international manufacturing network, with 16 production sites in 7 different countries. Our larger production sites offer a full product range which is complemented by a smaller range in the local manufacturing units.

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